#6, 2019: Feminism & Marginality

Feminism and Marginality in Myanmar

26–28 September 2019
Venue: Dawei
Participants to be guests of: Rainfall, Gender Study Group

The Independent Journal of Burmese Scholarship (IJBS) announces a Workshop/Conference on the theme: Feminism and Marginality in Myanmar.

Papers will examine such aspects as feminism, marginality based on the resistance against all forms of patriarchy, and marginalized and marginalizing gender identities.

As a journal devoted to giving voice to public intellectuals, marginalized voices, and the civic space vital to rational discourse on the important yet not-widely discussed issues in Myanmar, presenters will be intellectuals and leading activists who can contribute to an original, rational, and historically informed dialogue on these issues.

The participants selected will present their papers at an intensive three-day workshop to be held in Dawei, Myanmar. Final papers revised on the basis of the discussion and debate will be published (both physically and digitally) in an issue of the IJBS. We hope and anticipate that this issue of the journal will represent an important advance in the understanding of feminism and issues of marginality in political and cultural life of Myanmar. The workshop will also serve as a public forum for anyone to attend and discuss these issues.

We anticipate inviting between 12 and 15 people on the basis of the quality of their applications.

Timeline — Venue — Application Details

Timeline for Paper Submission and Workshop

  • Deadline for applications (now passed) was: July 31, 2019
  • Applicants were to be informed of results by: August 7, 2019
  • Substantial draft of papers required by: mid-September 2019
  • Workshop: September 26-28, 2019


  • Dawei, Myanmar. Participants are the guests of Rainfall Gender Study Organization.

Application details

  • Applications were to consist of (1) a synopsis of the proposed paper either in English or Burmese (no longer than 300 words) together with (2) a résumé/curriculum vitae.
  • Workshop email address: rainfall.burma@gmail.com
  • Applicants to have been informed of the results by August 7, 2019. The invitations are issued in the name of Rainfall.
  • A substantial draft of the paper (either in English or Burmese) was required by mid September 2019.

Address applications to:


The Journal covers all local expenses (domestic airfare, food, accommodation). Participants are the guests of Rainfall, Gender Study Group.


A modest honorarium is given to each participant on the delivery of a final draft paper suitable for publication in the Independent Journal of Burmese Scholarship.