#5, 2018: Feminism

Feminism in Myanmar

20 December 2018
Venue: Yangon
Organizers: Rainfall and Tharaphi Than

Is feminism so feared in Myanmar that even feminists have learned to downplay their activism and not to mobilize women and men around their causes? Who are Myanmar feminists and what do they call themselves? What are the barriers to understand and accept feminism in Myanmar political, cultural, and religious contexts? Is there such a thing as Myanmar feminism like Burmese Socialism and Myanmar democracy? What are the popular narratives about women, cultural norms and religious beliefs that silence feminists’ voices? What are the funding and policy challenges feminists face?

The workshop on Feminism in Myanmar set out to explore these questions, and to provide answers in the resultant edited volume.

Venue: Yangon

Discussion Paper

View or download the discussion paper for the 20 December Workshop:

Lost in Translation: Feminism in Myanmar

by Tharaphi ThanPyo Let Han, and Shunn Lei