About the Authors (Volume 4, Issue 1, 2023)

Tharaphi Than is Associate Professor of Burmese and Southeast Asian Studies at Northern Illinois University. Her research interests include censorship, dissent, print media, and feminism. She works closely with local education groups in Burma/Myanmar to promote democratic education and develop alternative curricula.

Shin Naung is a gender non-binary poet who actively participated in the student union movement until the 2021 coup, serving as an executive member of the All Burma Federation of Student Unions. Shin Naung has published poems, articles, and essays under pen names for the Social Democrat Post. Their serious exploration of poetry began in 2019, underpinned by a profound conviction that poetry is a form of poiesis, and they employ automatic writing techniques in their creative process. Shin Naung is currently translating Marxist works into Burmese to make Marxism more accessible to a broader audience.

Thu Pone is the collective title of an online discussion group. The word means “rebel” in English. Thu Pone exists to highlight institutionalized sexism, militarism, racism, classism and white supremacy, which many people internalize daily. Thu Pone is especially attentive to current issues related to sexism and aims to produce rebellious and bold content.

Way went to Malaysia as a migrant worker after finishing high school. In 2013, he embarked on his journey into the world of poetry. Following the 2021 coup, Way directed his creative energies towards anti-coup poetry, finding a platform in revolutionary publications like Tu Mee, Myit Kwae, and A Yay Taw Pone (Rebel Gazette).

Sophia Day Myar has been an active member of the Karenni National Women’s Organization since 2016. She also currently serves as general secretary of the Karenni State Consultative Council.  Prior to that, she was an elected member of the secretariat of the Women’s League of Burma, serving three years as joint general secretary. She has experience working with different international organizations in diverse roles. She holds a Bachelor of Arts majoring in English from Taunggyi University and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in social sciences at Chiang Mai University.

Nayone Moe Thway is a gender non-binary activist and poet. She took part in anti-dictatorship protests immediately after the 2021 coup and co-founded the Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM) support group Yone Htwet Sot (Let’s Step Out). The military regime froze her bank accounts, revoked her passport, and hunted her for facilitating funding and emergency accommodation to help CDM participants. From 2022 to 2023, she served as a member of the CDM committee of the National Unity Consultative Council. Nayone Moe Thway remains an executive committee member of the General Strike Committee of Nationalities, representing the Bamar group.

Alotethama (meaning “worker”) worked in factories in Yangon for over a decade. She participated in every labor strike she was able to, and eventually assumed a leadership position in the union movement. In 2015, she was sued by factory bosses and had to attend court for over a year, eventually being sentenced to one month of prison. She was released after only one week and turned to writing about the oppression of workers and their revolts, connecting the personal with the political. She believes workers will only be liberated if the wider population supports their struggles, so she writes articles to try and inform the middle class and elites about the oppressive conditions workers face.

Ma Kyay came of age under the oppressive rule of the military junta. Profoundly affected by her inability to react to the military’s actions as an ordinary civilian, she began writing poems and articles on revolutionary platforms. She writes to show that “we are eager to collectively inscribe the rhythms of the revolution in our hearts”.

A Shinn is a queer feminist from Myanmar.

Katniss is a feminist from Myanmar.

Ashey is from Mawlamyinegyun in Ayeyarwady Region and began his career as a poet in 2015. In 2018 he also ventured into the world of photography.

Maria Begum is a Rohingya feminist, medical doctor and humanitarian, born and raised in Myanmar. She worked in Rakhine State for more than ten years with various civil and international organizations and aims to be a strong voice for social justice and minority rights.

Hnin Yape Nwai, also known as Ko Maung, is a Burmese political activist and vocal critic of conservative ideologies. While a student at the Technological University of Myingyan, he participated in the 2015 Letpadan students’ strike against the military’s slave education system. As a student he also contributed short stories, articles, and poems to journals and magazines and volunteered as a teacher at a charity school. He started protesting on the fifth day after the 1 February 2021 coup. In 2022, he founded the Mega Brothers Force—Pale People’s Defense Force (PDF). He then served as an adjutant in the No. 12 Battalion of the Yinmabin PDF for 18 months. Currently, he is a public security officer in the same battalion and is also the public affairs officer of the Pale PDF Tactical Operations Command. He continues to write articles, poems, and essays for revolutionary media platforms.

Aung Zaw Myo studied at the University of Medicine, Mandalay and the Central European University, Vienna. His interests are literature, social movements and queerness.